GeoGenSoft® is a young and dynamic company founded in 2007 by George & Genadi Girjman with a vision to further digitalization of paper works in every corner of the globe. In the past, only larger companies could implement advanced dynamic digital signage systems, e-posters and webcast services. Today, we have made this technology easy and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

GeoGenSoft® E-Posters is a software platform, which has been designed to integrate seamlessly with any screen, providing an end-to-end solution for the fully automated, electronic management of poster sessions in a scientific conference.

GeoGenSoft® E-Board is independent software as a service that enables the managing of dynamic campaigns anywhere in the world. From any PC, the user can broadcast the same or different targeted messages to any number of signs at an unlimited number of locations in real-time

GeoGenSoft® Webcast is a video streaming services wordwide. We broadcast live events, videos & webinars, enabling you to extend the reach, audience and impact of all your events, seminars and training.

GeoGenSoft® E-Voting – The Voice of Your Audience is the leading Audience Response system, specially designed for the occasionally and professional speaker who want to interact with their audiences.

We welcome your feedback. Your experience as an end-user is valuable to our efforts to constantly improve our digital signage service.


Our vision is to be the leading global innovator, developer and provider of targeted specialized products, services, and solutions for the academic community that enable and transform the way academic professionals gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.

We will realize this vision by setting the highest standards in service, reliability and customer support, and by providing best-in-class software and hardware tools that result in an enhancement of our customers everyday workflow and productivity.

Simplify day-to-day activities and automate workflows to improve productivity.

Build and nurture customer relationships.

George Girjman

Co-Founder & CEO

Columbia, Cartagena

E-Posters and WebCast

Genadi Girjman

Co-Founder & Deputy Chief Executive