Reduce paper feedback forms (low response rate, lot of work to handle)

Interactivity – compare results before and after your talk

Fast and fun to see the live results.

Modern usage of technology (e-learning e-tech or quiz option)

Your audience is already connected and are playing (working) on their smartphones during your presentation. Make use of it !


  • Unlimited Audience
  • Vote over internet (WiFi, 3G, https) browser based
  • Live graph results
  • Respondents can receive an email summary
  • Allow audience to ask questions and centralized moderating.
  • Create instant new questions
  • Vote anonymous, or ask your audience for nickname
  • Multiple choice, single answers, open answers/free text, ranked answers
  • Secure voting
  • Vote with any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Crossing / Combining questions in result view
  • Export your data and question

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